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Heat Pumps for Commercial Heating

commercial heat pumpsMost businesses are keen to look for ways to reduce their overhead costs, so it makes sense to review your energy consumption as part of your operations audit. If you want to trim expenses and make your carbon footprint smaller, you will want to consider the benefits of installing a heat pump to heat your place of business.

There’s a lot of talk in the news these days about reducing CO2 emissions and scientists are urging governments to reduce global temperatures. While industry plays a large role, businesses of all sizes can contribute to solutions by making energy conscious choices. It’s challenging to achieve environmental goals while still maintaining the comforts we’re used to, but modern heat pump technology is very energy efficient in terms of heating, cooling, and air conditioning. A heat pump will also improve indoor air quality which can be important for working conditions. There are models ideal for commercial heating so whether you are building new, or upgrading an existing system, heat pumps are a consideration for those wanting to contribute to greener solutions.

Unlike heating systems that create heat by burning fuels, an air source heat pump simply transfers heat from one area to another. Most people are already familiar with the technology as it’s commonly used in air conditioning systems, but they may not be aware of its heating option. An air-source heat pump draws heat from the outdoor air in colder months, and expels heat in warmer months. It’s hard to believe that the winter air contains any heat, but even when the air temperature is –18°C it still retains 85% of the heat that it contained when it was 21°C. That’s why a commercial heat pump system can provide heat even during cold winter months.

The heat pump works by circulating a refrigerant through cycles of evaporation and condensation between two heat exchanging coils. The refrigerant is evaporated at low pressure at one coil and absorbs heat in the air around it. As it transfers to the second coil, it’s compressed and condensed at high pressure, releasing the heat it absorbed. This heat is then transferred throughout the building.

Many Vancouver Island businesses are already benefiting from the comfort and cost savings of using this type of heating system. If you’d like more information or want a quote for heat pump installation, give us a call.

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