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Heating Season Vs. Cooling Season

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In both heating season and cooling season, keeping the temperature comfortable while spending less on energy is a challenge. Commercial establishments walk a fine line between providing comfortable atmospheres while keeping costs low. We’ve got a few ideas for making the most of your system in both heating and cooling season.

Heating Season Vs. Cooling Season: Programmable Thermostats

Installing a programmable thermostat is a great way to reduce your costs in cooling season and heating season while keeping your business comfy. Programmable thermostats can be set to cool during specific hours and turn off when your business is closed. If it’s hot by the time your business opens, they can be programmed to turn on just before operating hours, so you and your employees are still walking in to a cool space. In heating season, they work just as well, allowing you to turn the heat off when your business isn’t operating and heating your business before you get in. By preventing your system from running when your business is closed, you can extend the life of your system while saving on expenses. By using programmable thermostats during both heating season and cooling season, you can keep the temperature just right all year round.

Heating Season Vs. Cooling Season: Maintenance and Upgrades

Energy efficiency is a big deal in both heating season and cooling season. If your system is older, upgrading to a newer model will provide savings in the long run, since the newer models use significantly less energy to do the same job. Regular maintenance is another important investment. Regular maintenance keeps your system in top shape, reducing the amount of energy it needs to run and extends the life of your equipment. This will benefit you when switching between cooling season and heating season by helping to avoid any hidden malfunctions in the system and a potentially costly repair.

Heating Season Vs. Cooling Season: Tips & Tricks

In cooling season, keeping the temperature a couple degrees warmer will net you some energy savings. Even one degree warmer reduces your cooling costs. It’s challenging in the cooling season to keep your commercial space comfortable without running AC 24/7. While you may consider opening doors and windows, if you are using AC, it’s best to leave them closed, so your unit doesn’t work harder to cool the space. In heating season, keeping the temperature a degree or two cooler will do the same thing. It’s been noted that cold employees are less productive though, so don’t turn the heat down too low! Another good idea, especially in heating season, is making sure that windows and doors are properly sealed.

We know keeping the balance between comfortable and cost-effective is tricky for both heating season and cooling season. Adopting these ideas will help you get the best results from your equipment, regardless of the temperature. If you need maintenance, an upgrade, or anything in between, give us a call. We’ve got the tools and the team to help you get the most out of your system. Contact us today!

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