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Cooling Systems

Control your interior spaces, whether need to keep cool or stay cold.

Pacific Air Mechanical specializes in creating a comfortable environment for your office, retail space, warehouse, or facility. Our technicians are fully qualified to plan, install, maintain or repair your new or existing air conditioning unit and supply trusted brands for ductless split systems and central air conditioning options. Our professional staff can recommend the right system for the size of your space and are available for questions you may have.

Ductless Split Systems

Pacific Air Mechanical carries a full line of HVAC options including ductless split system air conditioners to give you ultimate control and comfort in your place of business. With wall mounted options you can decide which spaces to keep cool day or night for ultimate interior climate control. The ductless split system units we carry are guaranteed for safety and comfort, delivering maximum comfort while using minimal space. Ductless split systems do more than control temperature. They can also improve the air quality by minimizing indoor air pollutants that can irritate customers and employees.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Give Pacific Air Mechanical a call and get back to your comfort zone. Your cooling problem might be as simple as cleaning your air conditioning unit or replacing an air filter. Or, it might be a more complicated breakdown with a central air system. In either case we’ve handled your type of air handling unit before! Our cooling experts are very knowledgeable which means diagnostics are timely, quotes are accurate, and repairs are done right the first time. Now that’s cool!

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