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Heat Pump Features to Consider

Heat Pump Features | Smart Home

If you’re considering installing a heat pump or upgrading your existing HVAC unit, there are a few features you’ll want to consider to help you make your decision. All heat pumps are designed to reduce your energy costs and provide solutions for all season heating and cooling. Not all heat pumps are the same and neither are heat pump owners. Some heat pump features affect energy efficiency and general operating, while others affect comfort and convenience. Which ones are important to you may vary depending on where you live, the size of your home, and how comfortable you are with digital features.

Let’s start outdoors with all weather features. Because the coastal climate on Vancouver Island is pretty mild, we don’t often have to worry about whether a heat pump has de-icing capabilities.New inverter models all have a standard feature that prevents frost from building up on the heat exchanger coils so that the unit is reliable even in extreme temperatures. That’s of vital importance for some areas, and although we don’t often have to think about that, it’s still good to know that this is a standard feature and not something you have to seek out. An anti-corrosion feature on an outdoor heat pump units will be important to protect your investment and to make sure your heat pump works for years to come. An auto-restart feature means not having to worry about re-programming your settings in the event of a power outage, or not having to do a reset manually which can provide peace of mind.
From an indoor perspective, you’ll want to consider which heat pump features are important to consider in terms of efficiency and air quality. Some heat pumps use plasma filters to remove dust and air borne particulates from the air. Because a heat pump can also function as a de-humidifier it’s important to have protection from mold growth that can happen in moist environments. These heat pump features could include filters that are made of mold-proof materials, or having a continuous low speed fan to prevent air from stagnating or retaining odours. You’ll also want the air filters to be easily accessible for maintenance.
Some heat pump features are entirely about maximizing indoor comfort. Being able to control the air flow and temperature of your home is an important feature for long term satisfaction. Some heat pump models provide options for full directional airflow based on either on how you direct the louvres manually, or on the operating mode you choose. Some heat pumps include a motion detecting sensor feature so that rooms with less activity get less airflow than busier rooms in your home. Others offer features that adjust the airflow based on digital presets for each of your home’s heating zones, or by the actual temperature and humidity conditions.
The importance of convenience features can vary by users. Some prefer the straight forward simplicity of making choices manually. Others appreciate the options of digital features such as remote controls for temperature adjustments, pre-programmed settings for temperature changes by zones, or sleep mode settings to make sure your sleep environment is customized to your liking regardless of the season.
If you’re considering a heat pump installation or upgrade, give us a call. We can help you find the best choice depending on the features that fit your requirements, your budget, and your personal preferences.
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